baby-crib-for-babysittingOne of the best early developmental toys you should purchase is a mobile to hang above your baby’s crib. At is what the babysitter did. At birth, your baby is drawn to bold contours because his sight is not very acute. Research reveals that most babies can see the color red at birth, but the ability to distinguish green, blue, and yellow does not develop until one month of age. By two months of age the baby will be able to see colors and will best focus on objects that are twelve to eighteen inches away. By three months, the baby’s ability to focus and track will cause him to really enjoy watching a colorful, moving mobile. The babysitter would change the objects to give your baby variety and to keep up with his improving vision. In addition, a moving mobile will help your baby to develop his skills at tracking moving objects.

Most authorities recommend taking down the mobile once baby can sit up, because a mobile could then create a safety hazard. Babysitters found experience that children enjoyed their mobiles until they were between seven and nine months old.

Once the baby is old enough to move about his crib, babysitter would then put one or two small toys and a few board books in the baby’s crib. This will offer him something to play with quietly when he first awakens. Rotate the toys and books in the baby’s crib every two to three weeks so that the baby always has new and interesting items to play with.

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