confinement herbs singaporeConfinement herbs list and ingredients for herbal soup, daily meals are some of the important items that families should research early before confinement. Commonly used herbs for confinement are astragalus, eucommia bark, dang shen, dried longan, red dates, black date, wolfberry. Besides knowing out what to eat during confinement period, which TCM herbs are suitable and beneficial after childbirth, it is also important to know what food to avoid. Similar to food, chinese herbs have different natures for different treatment. For convenience and cost savings, pre packed confinement herbs are highly recommended and popular in Singapore and Malaysia. You only need to follow the instructions of each confinement soup recipe as the actual amount of herbs is prepared.



Herbs Nature Herbs Effects Body Constitution
Hot Has the function of expelling coldness in the body and treating ailments related to the cold syndrome. Suitable for people with cold body condition or those with cold and deficiency.
Warm Has the function of expelling coldness, replenish deficiency, strengthen stomach and spleen, invigorating body condition. Suitable for people with cold body condition or those with cold and deficiency.
Cool Has the function to cooling the body and eliminate heat, relieve ailments related to hot syndrome. Suitable for people with hot body condition.
Cold Has the effect of purging excessive heat and eliminating hot syndrome. Suitable for people with hot body condition.
Neutral Has the effect of regulating spleen and stomach, improving digestive system, invigorating energy, replenishing deficiency. Suitable for all kinds of body conditions, including people with cold or hot conditions.
Confinement Herbal Package

Confinement Soup Package

Chinese herbal soup package designed for 28 days confinement period. The confinement herbal package is packed with herbal bath and red dates tea besides chinese TCM herbs that are pre packed into 28 packets of confinement soup.

Red Date Tea

Red Dates Tea

Red dates tea is a confinement drink that is very beneficial to women after giving birth. Strictly speaking, Chinese dates are foods, not herbs. However, all Chinese herb shops carry dates and all Chinese herbalists or TCM practitioners use them in their clinical practice. According to The Yellow Emperor’s Classics, red dates are important spleen tonics which benefit the spleen and the pancreas. Red dates tea provide high nutritional value and help mothers reduce water retention problem during confinement.

Confinement Herbal Bath

Confinement Herbal Bath

Confinement herbal bath is traditionally used during shower to help mother expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce pain after giving birth. Personal hygiene is very important for both mummy and new born baby especially during breastfeeding and bonding time. Suitable for normal delivery and caesarean section.