Confinement nanny Review for Toh Nyok Ming:
We would like to thanks Justin for his help during this difficult period to help us get a confinement nanny. He is very on the ball with all our enquiries and always took the initiative to update us on nanny status (SHN). I would also like to thanks him for getting us a good nanny which makes my confinement a breeze.
My nanny Toh Nyok Ming has helped me to take care of my new born most of the time to ensure that I have adequate rest for better recovery. She also cook delicious meal and decorated it nicely too make the dishes look super appetizing. On top of that, she also cook dessert everyday for my afternoon tea break. I kept telling her that the moment I woke up I am full all the way to the night. she is also like a mother who taught and share with me a lots of things. Quite blessed to have her to help me through this 28days. Cheers.
Confinement nanny mint review by Hui Yin