Confinement Nanny Work Permit Singapore

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How should i engage my confinement nanny from Malaysia or Singapore?
Do i need to apply temporary work permit for Malaysian confinement nannies if i engage them myself?
Are they experience and reliable? Do they really know how to take care of my confinement period?
Can i trust them? Will my confinement lady really turn up after i placed my deposit?

Yes. These are the common questions you will be worrying if you decide not to engage any professional confinement nanny agency. Many new parents may have heard of colleagues, friends advising them that they did not apply work permit for their confinement lady previously during their confinement period. They only ask for contacts from referrals or from forum. If the nanny require extension of stay, they only need to go back to custom for re-entry. Why pay extra for agency fees and government levy?

Illegal Employment

People may be unaware that it is an offence for any foreigner to work in Singapore without an authorised work permit. It is stated under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EMFA) (Cap. 91A) that no foreigner who comes to Singapore as tourist or social visiting with a visit pass is allowed to work, regardless paid or unpaid. It will be treated as work pass infringement. The offender (employing foreigner without any valid work pass) will need to pay a severe fine between SGD5000 to SGD30,000 or charge for imprisonment for up to one year or being charged for both. More details regards to the penalties for common offences can be found at MOM website.


Work Permit for Malaysian Confinement Nannies

If you decide to hire confinement nanny from Malaysia, you can apply the work permit by yourself (the employer) or your appointed employment agent. Application submission should be done not more than 1 month or 4 weeks before EDD or expected date of delivery of baby. The work permit is issued commencing from your child’s date of birth for a short term duration up to maximum of 16 weeks. The validity date will be shorter if the application is applied after the child is born. Therefore, the employers or parents for newborns of age more than 4 months are advised not to employ confinement nanny from Malaysia. There is also a certain criteria for both nannies and parents (employers) to meet before hiring.

Can Renew or Extend?

Yes. Can extend confinement lady’s stay if the duration of the single-entry visit pass is lesser than the required employment period for her work permit or she has to leave Singapore during the employment period.


Cancel Confinement Nanny Work Permit

It is important for employer to note that before the expiry of the single-entry visit pass, the confinement nanny has to leave Singapore. The employer (if you are hiring by yourself) or your appointed licensed employment agent have to cancel the work permit of the confinement lady if her work permit expires or her employment ended even before it expires. The levy will be charged until the eve of the cancellation.

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Eligibility Criteria for Employer

  1. Age at least 21 years old
  2. Able to pay monthly levy fees
  3. Applying for newborn below 4 months old

Eligibility Criteria for Confinement Nanny

  1. Malaysian Female
  2. Age between 23 years to 70 years old
  3. Working at employer’s residence only (Not allowed to work for other employers)

Medical Examination and Insurance

Not mandatory for medical examination but advisable for parents or employers to send confinement nanny for medical checkup. Buying medical insurance is required to cover the nanny in case of any mishaps (at least SGD 15,000).


Application Processing Time

  • Online: 1 working day to process and approve unless more information is needed.
  • Manual: 5 working days.

Levy Charges and Fees By MOM

  1. Application Fees: SGD 30
  2. Monthly Levy Charges:
  • Singapore citizen baby: SGD 60
  • Non-Singapore citizen baby: SGD 265